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Good afternoon, 

Fitchburg High School, in conjunction with First Student, conducted a routine bus evacuation drill this morning. 

Thank you,

FHS Administration

Fitchburg High School is very excited and pleased to announce that School Picture Day will be Friday October 13th.

Fitchburg High School está muy emocionada y complacida de anunciar que el Día de Fotos Escolares será el viernes 13 de octubre.


*** The Senior Reception to the faculty, scheduled for Wednesday, September 27th, has been postponed - the new date is TBD. ***


On Monday, the classes of 2024 and 2025 attended the National GEAR UP Week kickoff assembly. GEAR UP Assistant Director Victor Rojas opened the assembly with a proclamation from Mayor Stephen DiNitale, declaring the week of September 25th "National GEAR UP Week." Mr. Rojas then gave a quick overview of the week: scholarship workshops, a college fair field trip, Power Hour after-school support, and GEAR UP Student Leadership Ambassadors recruitment and workshops during lunch periods. Afterward, Mr. Rojas introduced GEAR UP counselor Theo Demosthenes, the motivational speaker. Theo, or Mr. D as he's known to students, spoke about the theme for National GEAR UP week: "Investing in the Future Generation." He covered three ways students can invest in themselves: "Love yourself", "Respect yourself", and "Develop yourself".


“A home run” for Leominster-Fitchburg rivalry

Teams to play annual football game at Fenway Park

By NICK MALLARD | nmallard@sentinelandenterprise.com | Sentinel & Enterprise

PUBLISHED: September 20, 2023 at 4:24 p.m.

There’s a story that plenty of athletes and residents of Fitchburg have heard, though its validity has been up for debate for years now.

It’s long been said that Babe Ruth visited a newly-opened Crocker Field sometime in 1918, marveling at the venue alongside legendary Fitchburg coach Clarence N. Amiott.

Some 105 years later, the Red Raiders will get a chance to take in the sights at one of the ballparks formerly called home by Ruth and the rest of Boston’s all-time greats.

It became official on Tuesday morning that the Fitchburg High football team will host its annual Thanksgiving rivalry game against Leominster High at Fenway Park. With the change of venue also comes a change in time and date; the game will be played on Thanksgiving Eve at 6:30 p.m., rather than the traditional Thursday morning kickoff.

The longstanding rivalry game is one of four contests to be played at the hallowed Boston ballpark during the runup to Thanksgiving. TechBoston and Brighton will open things on Tuesday with a game at 5 p.m., followed by King Philip vs. Franklin at 7:30 p.m. On Wednesday, the action opens with Chelmsford squaring off with Billerica at 4 p.m. before the 143rd meeting between the Blue Devils and Red Raiders closes the festivities, moving east from the originally scheduled game at Crocker.

Fenway Park hosted high school football games in its infancy in 1912 and continued to do so until 1935. High school gridiron action returned in 2015 and has been ongoing since then. It also has played host to college football and various concerts.

Bringing the Twin Cities rivalry to Boston had been discussed twice before, according to Fitchburg athletic director Todd Robbins, but each time things fell through.

“The most important thing we’ve stressed through this entire process is that it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. We’ve been saying that over and over,” Robbins said Wednesday. “It’s been floated out there a couple time before, but it would be one school disagreeing or the other

“This year, there’s been massive construction going on around Crocker Field and with the turf still being natural grass, it probably wouldn’t be in the best shape by the time Thanksgiving rolled around. The student-athletes wanted to do it and the administration has supported it every step of the way.”

David Palazzi, Robbins’ counterpart at Leominster High School, said Wednesday that this season felt like the right time to play at Fenway.

“It’s really exciting for the kids and times are changing. I think both cities are open to accepting a move like this for a really special experience,” the Leominster AD said. “I really didn’t put it out there to too many people, but I talked to a few guys I played with and they thought it was a great idea.

“It’s a historic ballpark and will give these kids an experience they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives. … It’s a home run for both communities.”

The idea to take the 117th edition of the Thanksgiving game to Fenway was waiting for Robbins when he started his first season as AD at Fitchburg in August. And prior to plans being set into motion on his first day on the job, Robbins and Palazzi had discussed the possibility of playing in Boston.

“David and I had made calls to each other even before and I let him know if the chance came around, he’d have a dancing partner,” Robbins said. “My first day on the job, there was an email from the organizers at Fenway who had been emailing (Palazzi) asking who to get in touch with at Fitchburg High. Two days later, we had our first video meeting with the people at Fenway.

“We had been talking a lot already, so it wasn’t too much of a process. We’re working with a great team at Fenway and they’ve made this pretty painless.”

The organizers at Fenway Park are a team that work on non-baseball events like college football games and concerts, Robbins said.

“It should be an exciting night,” Palazzi said. “It’s about the kids and the seniors and the experience. Overwhelmingly, they all wanted to play (at Fenway).”

Tickets for the game will be available through the Red Sox website. Free tickets will be made available to students, with details to come from schools, according to Robbins.

And moving to one of the nation’s oldest and most revered ballparks should provide a remarkable for one of the state’s oldest football rivalries on top of being a unique opportunity.

“We want it to be accessible for everyone,” Robbins said. “This is more than a football game; it’s a community event. It’s an event to celebrate the Twin Cities.”

Good Afternoon Fitchburg High School Families: 

Thank you for a great week of school. 

Thank you for making our first Open House a great event. 

Please check the daily announcements section on our website for some exciting accomplishments for Fitchburg High School students and some exciting news about a guest speaker we had this past week. 

We had our first advisory this past Friday. Students watched a brief video about an after school program around leadership being offered through the United Way Youth Venture. Additionally, students identified their morning and afternoon buses. This will help us identify any overcrowded buses and work with the transportation company to make adjustments. 

Students did an excellent job with our first lock down drill this past week. 

Communication for all drills and emergency protocols will be communicated directly to all families, as well as posted on the daily announcements section of our website.

Please email our front office secretaries with updated contact information, if you are not receiving our communications. 

Reminder (Cell-Phones):

Reminders (Absent and Tardy Notes)

Reminders (Dismissal)

Important Dates for the Week

Monday 9/25

Tuesday 9/26

Wednesday 9/27

Thursday 9/28

Friday 9/29

Saturday 9/30

Thank you and have a great week, 

Dr. Braga 


Karen St. Germain is thrilled to be home.

But she’s even more excited that she was able to share her passion to the students at Fitchburg High School on Friday.

St. Germain, a 1983 FHS graduate, is the Director of Earth Science for NASA, and came back home to her alma mater and gave two extremely informative science presentations in the auditorium.

“I really believe in public service,” said St. Germain, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Union College (1987) and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts (1993). “One of the things I love most about my job is that it is both very cool science and it makes a huge difference in peoples’ lives. The work we do advances the state of knowledge, but it is also enormously practical. We help farmers produce more food. We help first responders fight wildfires and manage disasters. We help leaders - from mayors to governors to presidents - plan for challenges like flooding, heat emergencies and clean water. The power of science is really unleashed when it is in the hands of people who need to to make better decisions.”

According to St. Germain, her job is to run the part of NASA that uses the unique vantage point of space to study our home planet.

“Most people don’t know that the planet NASA studies the most is Earth,” St. Germain said. “I hope to show the students how we see the Earth from space, how the Earth works as a system and how we do the science that gives us confidence in that understanding. I also hope to inspire the students to consider careers in STEM and help to meet the challenges humanity is facing. I also hope to inspire confidence in them that they can do it. I also know that when I speak with students, I am always inspired by their curiosity and drive so I benefit too.”

St. Germain’s advice to the students is pretty simple.

“I encourage students to pursue a field that is interesting and important to them,” she said. “Then, just keep going. I think it is important to help other people and ask for help when you need it. We spend an awful lot of our lives working. If you can spend that time doing something that you find engaging and you get to do it with a community of people, it feels a lot less like work.”

St. Germain, who also attended Memorial, says that she is a proud graduate of Fitchburg High and the Fitchburg school system.

“Fitchburg teachers and the community invested in me and inspired me, and I am deeply grateful for that,” she said. “My work has taken me around the country and around the world, but Fitchburg will always be my home.” #NASA

Click here for more information.

Good morning,

A faulty fire detector was activated at Fitchburg High School this morning. 

Students exited the building and then reentered the building after the alarm was reset. 

We also entered into a medical hold after students entered the building. 

All students and staff members are safe. Thank you.


FHS Administration


This message is to inform parents and guardians that Fitchburg High School conducted a modified lockdown drill in partnership with Fitchburg Police at approximately 9:40a. 

The purpose of this drill was to focus on planning to ensure that every member of our school community is safe in the event that we need to secure the building.

Fitchburg High School students and staff have been using strategies that also provide flexibility to the lockdown scenario including evacuating, securing doors of a classroom, and other methods to counter a potential threat.

Safety is the primary responsibility of the administration, faculty, and staff, and we take our preparation for unforeseen events with great seriousness. 

Remember this is only a drill

If you have any questions, please contact a school administrator directly, and I thank you very much.

Dr. Braga


Students at Fitchburg High School earned academic honors from the College Board National Recognition Programs. These programs celebrate students' hard work in high school and showcase their strong academic performance. The academic honors for rural area, Black, Indigenous, and/or Latino students are an opportunity for students to share their strong academic achievements with colleges and scholarship programs that are seeking to recruit diverse talent.


Congratulations to the following Fitchburg High students:

• Class of 2025 Alexander Fey: (National Rural and Small Town Award) 

• Class of 2024 Estella LeBlanc: (National Rural and Small Town Award) 

• Class of 2024 Kevin Borges: (National Hispanic Recognition Award) 

• Class of 2025 Theopoula Awad: (National African American Recognition Award)


“We’re thrilled to celebrate our students and recognize them for the great work they’ve been doing. We’re proud of their strong academic performance in the classroom and on College Board assessments like the PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and AP exams,” said Fitchburg High Principal John Braga. “There’s so much that makes our students unique, and receiving this honor reinforces this as an asset for their future.”

“These awards are a validation of each student's dedication to their academics,” said FHS Guidance Counselor Michele Houle.


The criteria for eligible students include:

• GPA of 3.5 or higher.

• PSAT/NMSQT or PSAT 10 assessment scores that are within the top 10% of assessment takers in

   each state for each award program or earned a score of 3 or higher on 2 or more AP Exams in 9th and 10th grade.

• Attend school in a rural area or small town, or identify as African American/Black, Hispanic

American/Latino, or Indigenous/Native.

Students at Fitchburg High School earned academic honors from the College Board National Recognition Programs. Pictured (from left): Estella Leblanc, Alexander Fey, Kevin Borges and Theopoula Awad. 

Eligible students are invited to apply on BigFuture during their sophomore or junior year and are awarded at the start of the next school year in time to share their achievements in high school as they plan for the future. At the same time, colleges and organizations using College Board’s Student Search Service can connect directly with awardees during the recruitment process.


“It’s becoming increasingly hard for students to be ‘seen’ during the college recruitment process. We’re exceptionally proud of the National Recognition Programs for celebrating students who are at times overlooked but have shown their outstanding academic abilities,” said Tarlin Ray, senior vice president of BigFuture at College Board. “This is a benefit not only for students, but also for colleges and universities committed to recruiting diverse and talented students.”   


Commended Students in the 2024 National Merit Scholarship Program 

FHS Example Title 1 Letter (English and Spanish).pdf

Example Title 1 Letter (English and Spanish)

FHS Title I Compact - English (updated)
FHS Title I Compact - Spanish (Updated)


Attention Fitchburg High School Seniors, Class of 2024! The next round of senior photos will be on October 4th at Fitchburg High School in the Main Lobby from 9:00am - 3:00pm. 


To schedule and reserve your September Senior Portrait Session, go on the following scheduling link: https://seniors.legacystudios.com/fitchburg-hs-ma/ 


Good Afternoon Fitchburg High School Families: 

We hope everyone is having a great weekend. 

At Fitchburg High School, we honor and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Hispanic Heritage Month is from 09/15/2023 to 10/15/2023. 

This Tuesday, September 19th from 4:00pm to 6:00pm is our Open House. 

The Open House will begin in the auditorium at 4:00pm. Refreshments will be available in the cafeteria starting at 3:30pm.

Below is the schedule for Open House

4:00pm-4:15pm: Dr. Braga will provide an opening presentation in the auditorium

4:15pm-6:00pm: Families will travel to their student's classes. In each class, families will receive a ten minute presentation.

There will be a table at the entrance of the school with student schedules, if you need a copy of your student's schedule. 

Additionally, there will be tables set-up with information on Clubs, Winter Sports, and School Partners. 

We are hoping you can join us on Tuesday!

Reminder (Cell-Phones):

Reminders (Absent and Tardy Notes)

Below are our important dates for the week

Monday September 18th

Tuesday September 19th

Wednesday September 20th

Thursday September 21st

Friday September 22nd

Saturday September 23rd

Have a great week and thank you, 

Dr. Braga 


Good morning,

We would like to notify families that we conducted our first 

fire drill today (Thurs. 9/14). 

Our students and staff did a great job of following our safety protocols.

Thank you,

Dr. Braga


Good Afternoon:

The first Fitchburg Public Schools Safety Task Force meeting of the 2023-2024 school year will be on Wednesday, September 13 at 5:30 p.m. in the Reingold Elementary School cafeteria.  The purpose of the FPS task force is to provide an opportunity for a wide variety of members of our community to share ideas, input, and expertise to ensure that the Fitchburg Public Schools’ students, staff, and visitors are safe physically and emotionally in all aspects of the school experience (classrooms, common areas, fields, buses, etc.). Last year, there were over 75 participants at our meetings, and we sought to listen to input and make changes to the way that Fitchburg Public Schools addresses safety and security for all.   We will provide an update of our work and continue to review communication strategies, security protocols, building security concerns, ALICE drill updates and other topics of importance.  We will have food and beverages, so please click the Google Form if you plan to attend in person.  

Google Form link: https://forms.gle/sYhFYKQufrqkjrNUA 

There will be a translator on site and a virtual option as well for those who would like to participate but cannot attend in person - see the Google Meeting link here.  

Please contact Jeremy Roche (Director of Finance and Operations) at the contact information below if you have interest in attending the meeting.  

Jeremy Roche

Director of Finance and Operations



School Committee Meeting is today, September 11, at 6:00pm. 

The meeting will be live streamed on FATV


Good Afternoon Fitchburg High School Families: 

Thank you for a great first week of school. 

Tomorrow, we will take a moment of silence for the victims and families of the 09/11 tragedy. 

Our first Open House is September 19, 2023 from 4:00pm to 6:00pm at Fitchburg High School. 

As a reminder, students are expected to place their cell phone in their backpack or cell phone pocket during class time. The teacher will determine the specific procedure for the class. Students have access to their cell phones during transitions to the next classes and during breakfast and lunch. 

The goal is to increase learning during class time. As always, you are welcome to contact the main office if you need to get in touch with your student immediately. 

Additionally, notes are required to excuse absences or tardies. In case of an absence or excused tardy, please have your student bring their note to their Assistant Principal's office. Daily attendance is directly connected to successful academic outcomes. 

Below are our important dates for the week, as well as information around the StopIT application. The StopIT application is used throughout the Fitchburg Public Schools. 

Important Dates

Monday 9/11: 

Tuesday 9/12:

Wednesday 9/13:

Thursday 9/14:

Friday 9/15:

Saturday 9/16:

STOPit Application Welcome Letter

Dear Fitchburg High School Families: 

Please use this as a reminder that our school has enrolled with STOPit, by STOPit Solutions

STOPit is an online reporting tool designed to deter and mitigate bullying, cyber abuse, and other inappropriate behaviors, consisting of an app and a back-end incident management system for school administrators.

Our students will have access to the STOPit mobile app, which has two simple but powerful features.

Specifically, the program educates students to:

No personal information is needed to use STOPit. The only way personally identifiable information will be accessible through STOPit is if a requester voluntarily includes it within the content of a request or message.

Both our school and STOPit are committed to protecting the privacy of student data. STOPit is a signatory to the Student Privacy Pledge, spearheaded by the Future of Privacy Forum and the Software & Information Industry Association. You may review STOPit’s Privacy Policy for details, including more information on how anonymous reporting works.

Students have the power to help put an end to harmful and inappropriate behavior they see online through social media and other means. They can use STOPit to reach out for help if they or a peer are facing a personal crisis or experiencing bullying, abuse, or are otherwise in need of assistance. Our goal with STOPit is to create safer, kinder, school communities both online and off.

At this time we invite you and your child to download the STOPit app from the app store on his or her smartphone or tablet at no charge.

We encourage you to download the STOPit app and search for your students school using the directory.  You can privately ask for help for your student, family, others you care about, or even acquaintances who appear to need help. For a video on how to use STOPit, go to: Student Training Video.  

Together, we can make sure everyone in our community gets what they need to thrive.

Thank you!

Have a great week, 

Dr. Braga 


Fitchburg High School: 

Tomorrow is Day 3. 

C Period is the 1st class of the day. 

Tomorrow, students in Grade 9 will receive their Chromebooks during G Period. 

Thank you, Dr. Braga


Great first day today! 

Tomorrow is Day 2 in our schedule. 

B period is the first class of the day tomorrow. 

Dr. Braga


Good Afternoon Fitchburg High School Families: 

We are looking forward to welcoming all students back tomorrow. School begins at 7:30am. 

Please check our daily announcements on our website for information about: 

All schoolwide communication to families will be available under the daily announcements on our website. 

Student schedules are available on ASPEN. Tomorrow is Day 1 of our schedule. Period A is the first class of the day tomorrow. Students will be provided with their paper schedule during Period A. Additionally, we will review the school schedule, including the lunch schedule, with students during Period A. 

If your student does not have access to their schedule on ASPEN, we will have staff available to help students get to their Period A class. 

Reminders as we start the school year

Daily attendance is essential to student academic success. 

We are looking forward to a great school year. 

Thank you,
Dr. Braga 



The first two rounds of Senior Portraits are complete. The next round will be on September 7th at Fitchburg High School in the Main Lobby from 

9:00am - 3:00pm.


To schedule and reserve your September Senior Portrait Session, go on the following scheduling link: 



Progress report Dates.docx


We’re excited to get the 2023-2024 school year started on September 5th. Attached below, you will find a map and details of how our traffic pattern works in the morning and afternoon here at FHS. Although we’re always open to feedback and suggestions on how we can improve, a team of stakeholders has determined that we will continue to use the current traffic pattern. Please read through some of the details below with the attached map open:

Student Van Drop-Off:

Student Drop-Off:

Student Drivers:

Notes: Red Xs are the DO NOT ENTER areas.

FHS Map English.jpeg
FHS Map Spanish.png


Good Morning FHS Families:

Our policy committee met this week.

The procedure updates below are to improve teaching and learning at Fitchburg High School.

We want all students to have a successful experience at Fitchburg High School.

We will also review the step-by-step procedures with students during our first week of school.



Cell-phone Policy:


As always, all other specific policies around Student Life at Fitchburg High School can be found in our Student Handbook under Section 5.

We would like to hear your thoughts. Please complete the form HERE if you have any thoughts about the procedures above.


FHS Welcome Letter (English) SY23-24.pdf
FHS Welcome Letter (Spanish) SY23-24.pdf


12th Grade Parking Spaces Paint Day

Dear 12th Grade Students: 

Please join us at Fitchburg High School for the 12th Grade parking spaces paint day. The details about the event are below. 

Please email Ms. Kelly if you have any questions: 


El día de pintura del espacio de estacionamiento del grado 12

Estimados estudiantes del grado 12:

Únase a nosotros en la escuela secundaria de Fitchburg para el día de pintura del espacio de estacionamiento del grado 12. Los detalles sobre el evento están a continuación.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, envíe un correo electrónico a la Sra. Kelly. 



Community Health Connections will be hosting their annual Well Child Clinics in August for

back-to-school and sports physicals.

The Well Child Clinics are Walk-in/No Appointments Needed and will be happening at the community health centers throughout August.

They will have informational flyers for each location available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Please reach out to Orianna Otero if you have any questions - OOtero@chcfhc.org

If you are  in need of health insurance, their Patient Services team can be reached by calling the main CHC number 978-878-8100 and choosing option #6, for health insurance enrollment.

They can help families apply for health insurance. Many individuals and families can get help paying for health coverage. Their trained and certified staff is there to answer questions and help families apply for: MassHealth, The Health Safety Net, ConnectorCare and other insurances through the Massachusetts Health Connector, and the MassHealth Buy-In Application.

CHC also offers a Sliding Fee Discount Program based on income.

If you can't attend any of these clinics, and need a school physical or vaccinations last-minute, utilize their Urgent Care Centers, located at 165 Mill Street in Leominster and 529 Timpany Boulevard in Gardner. Urgent Care is open to the public and walk-in. Urgent Care can be reached at 978-410-6111.

They will have COVID-19 vaccinations/boosters available at all clinics.


FHS New Student Open House RSVP 2023-2024

Fitchburg High School will be hosting an open house for new students on Thursday, August 24th from 5:00 - 7:00.  All new students are welcomed and encouraged to attend! Students will have an opportunity to see their new school, walk through their building, have questions answered, and enjoy an evening barbecue. Please RSVP below! 

La Escuela Secundaria Fitchburg organizará una jornada de puertas abiertas para nuevos estudiantes el jueves 24 de agosto de 5:00 a 7:00. ¡Todos los estudiantes nuevos son bienvenidos y animados a asistir! Los estudiantes tendrán la oportunidad de ver su nueva escuela, caminar por su edificio, recibir respuestas a sus preguntas y disfrutar de una barbacoa por la noche. ¡Por favor confirme su asistencia a continuación!


Save the date for Grade 9 Orientation: August 24, 2023, 5:00pm to 7:00pm at Fitchburg High School. There will be more information sent to families in the coming weeks.

Reserve la fecha para la orientación de grado 9: 24 de agosto de 2023, 5:00pm a las 7:00pm, en la escuela secundaria de Fitchburg. Habrá más información enviada a las familias en las próximas semanas.


School and Sports Physicals - English.pdf
School and Sports Physicals - Spanish.pdf
School and Sports Physicals - Portuguese.pdf

Good Afternoon Fitchburg Public Schools: 

Please welcome Mr. Todd Robbins as the new Athletic Director of Fitchburg Public Schools.

Buenas tardes las Escuelas Públicas de Fitchburg: 

Demos la bienvenida al Sr. Todd Robbins como el nuevo Director Atlético de las Escuelas Públicas de Fitchburg.

Todd comes to Fitchburg High School after nine years as a teacher at Watertown High School. Todd taught a variety of courses in Radio and Television Broadcasting and Career Communications. Todd graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science. Todd also graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Master's of Science in Sport Administration.  Todd is also a Registered Athletic Administrator with the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA). 

Todd llega a la Escuela Secundaria de Fitchburg después de nueve años como maestro en la Escuela Secundaria de Watertown. Todd enseñó una variedad de cursos en Radiodifusión y Televisión y Comunicación Profesional. Todd se graduó de la Universidad de Syracuse con una licenciatura en ciencias políticas. Tom también se graduó de la Universidad de Cincinnati con una maestría en ciencias en administración deportiva. Todd también es un administrador atlético registrado en la Asociación Nacional de Administradores Atléticos Interescolares (NIAAA).  


Good Afternoon Fitchburg Public Schools: 

Please welcome Dr. Jessica Rintoul and Mr. Doug Sochovka as the new Assistant Principals of Fitchburg High School. 

Buenas tardes Escuelas Públicas de Fitchburg: 

Dé la bienvenida a la Dra. Jessica Rintoul y al Sr. Doug Sochovka como los nuevos Subdirectores de la Escuela Secundaria de Fitchburg.

Dr. Jessica Rintoul has over ten years of experience working in urban districts in Massachusetts. Most recently she worked in the Lawrence Public Schools supervising the College and Career Pathways programs and prior to that taught Chemistry, Physics, and AP Chemistry in the Worcester Public Schools. Dr. Rintoul will oversee our Class of 2024 this upcoming School Year. 

La Dra. Jessica Rintoul tiene más de diez años de experiencia trabajando en distritos urbanos de Massachusetts. Más recientemente, trabajó en las Escuelas Públicas de Lawrence supervisando los programas universitarios y profesionales. Antes de eso, enseñó Química, Física y Química AP en las Escuelas Públicas de Worcester. La Dra. Rintoul supervisará nuestra Clase de 2024 este próximo año escolar. 

Mr. Sochovka has over fifteen years of experience in education. Most recently, Mr. Sochovka was the Assistant Principal at Murdock High School in the Winchendon Public Schools. Prior to Murdock High School, Mr. Sochovka was the Dean of Students at Leominster High School. Mr. Sochovka was also a Math Teacher and Dean of Students for several years at Saint Peter-Marian High School in Worcester.  Mr. Sochovka will oversee our Class of 2027 this upcoming School Year. 

El Sr. Sochovka tiene más de quince años de experiencia en educación. Más recientemente, el Sr. Sochovka fue Subdirector de la Escuela Secundaria Murdock en las Escuelas Públicas de Winchendon. Antes de Murdock High School, el Sr. Sochovka fue Decano de Estudiantes en Leominster High School. El Sr. Sochovka también fue Maestro de matemáticas y Decano de Estudiantes durante varios años en la escuela secundaria Sto. Peter-Marian en Worcester. El Sr. Sochovka supervisará nuestra Clase de 2027 este próximo año escolar.