Career and Technical Education

Fitchburg High School offers an array of programs that involves a multi-year sequence of courses that integrates core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge to support students with a pathway to post-secondary education and careers. These programs include linkages with area community and state colleges, dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment, and articulation agreements.


Architecture and Construction:

    • Mechanical Drawing I, II

    • Computer Drawing Academy I, II

    • Architectural Drafting

    • Design Technology

    • Construction Technology

    • Landscape Architecture

    • Mastercam X4 Programming

Arts, A/V Technology & Communications:

    • Marching Band

    • Concert Band

    • Concert Choir

    • Piano Clinic

    • Guitar Clinic

    • Introduction to Electronic Music

    • Graphic Design I, II

    • Animation

    • Ceramics I, II, Advanced Studies in Ceramics

    • Digital Photography

    • Drawing, Painting, Sculpture

    • Publishing Technology

    • Theater Arts

Business Management and Administration:

    • Computer Literacy

    • Computer Applications

    • Microsoft Office

    • Introduction to Business

    • Introduction to Marketing

    • Accounting I, II

    • International Business (Online)

Education and Training:

    • Child Development I, II

    • Physical Education Lab Assistant

    • Exercise Science and Physiology

    • Technology Media Tutor

    • Academic Success Center Studies/Research


    • US Government and Finance

    • Personal Finance (Online)

Government and Public Administration:

    • US Government

    • AP US Government and Politics

    • The Law

    • US History I, II

    • Forensic Science I, II (Online)

    • Criminology (Online)

Health Science:

    • Intro to Biotechnology

    • Exercise Science & Physiology

    • Anatomy and Physiology

    • Bioethics

Human Services

    • AP Psychology

    • Psychology I, II (Online)

    • Sociology I, II (Online)

    • Real World Problems I, II (Online)

    • Anthropology I, II (Online)

Information Technology

    • Web Design

    • Web Based Publishing

    • Animation

    • Graphic Design I, II

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security:

    • The Law

    • Forensic Science I, II (Online)

    • Criminology (Online)

    • Law and Order (Online)


    • Design Technology

    • Robotics

    • Art History - Materials and Processes


    • Intro to Marketing

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

    • Engineering for the Future

    • Biology

    • Anatomy and Physiology

    • Earth Science

    • Chemistry

    • Conceptual Physics

    • Intro to Biotechnology

    • Bioethics

    • AP Biology

    • AP Chemistry

    • AP Environmental Science

    • AP Physics

    • HS Common Core Algebra I, II

    • HS Common Core Geometry

    • PreCalculus

    • Statistics and Probability

    • AP Calculus AB and BC

    • AP Statistics


Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

The production, processing, marketing, distribution, financing, and development of agricultural commodities and resources including food, fiber, wood products, natural resources, horticulture, and other plant and animal products/resources.

Architecture & Construction

Careers in designing, planning, managing, building and maintaining the built environment.

Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

Designing, producing, exhibiting, performing, writing, and publishing multimedia content including visual and performing arts and design, journalism, and entertainment services.

Business Management & Administration

Careers in planning, organizing, directing and evaluating business functions essential to efficient and productive business operations.

Education & Training

Planning, managing and providing education and training services, and related learning support services such as administration, teaching/training, administrative support, and professional support services.


Planning and related services for financial and investment planning, banking, insurance, and business financial management.

Government & Public Administration

Planning and executing government functions at the local, state and federal levels, including governance, national security, foreign service, planning, revenue and taxation, and regulations.

Health Science

Planning, managing, and providing therapeutic services, diagnostic services, health informatics, support services, and biotechnology research and development.

Hospitality & Tourism

Preparing individuals for employment in career pathways that relate to families and human needs such as restaurant and food/beverage services, lodging, travel and tourism, recreation, amusement and attractions.

Human Services

Preparing individuals for employment in career pathways that relate to families and human needs such as counseling and mental health services, family and community services, personal care, and consumer services.

Information Technology

Building linkages in IT occupations for entry level, technical, and professional careers related to the design, development, support and management of hardware, software, multimedia and systems integration services.

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Planning, managing, and providing legal, public safety, protective services and homeland security, including professional and technical support services.


Planning, managing and performing the processing of materials into intermediate or final products and related professional and technical support activities such as production planning and control, maintenance and manufacturing/process engineering.


Planning, managing, and performing marketing activities to reach organizational objectives such as brand management, professional sales, merchandising, marketing communications and market research.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics:

Planning, managing, and providing scientific research and professional and technical services (e.g., physical science, social science, engineering) including laboratory and testing services, and research and development services.

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

The planning, management, and movement of people, materials, and goods by road, pipeline, air, rail and water and related professional and technical support services such as transportation infrastructure planning and management, logistics services, mobile equipment and facility maintenance.


Intro to BioTechnology - Mount Wachusett Community College

Bioethics - Mount Wachusett Community College

Web Design - Mount Wachusett Community College

Microsoft Office - Mount Wachusett Community College

Accounting - Mount Wachusett Community College

Dual Enrollment - Mount Wachusett Community College, Fitchburg State University, Quinsigamond Community College, Mass Bay Community College, and Framingham State University

Concurrent Enrollment - Mount Wachusett Community College for English 101

Articulations - Shriver Job Corps and Grafton Job Corps