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Gale, Britannica & ProQuest Resources

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Mass. library system ebooks:

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ALSO: an app will soon be available to FHS students that will allow you to download books to any device - stay tuned!!

re taking a hiatus from the Community Read this year, but you can still participate: This year's book is Underland, by Robert MacFarlane. Here's part of the summary from Amazon: "The way into the underland is through the riven trunk of an old ash tree." Starting with that sentence, Robert Macfarlane begins an exploration of the world beneath our feet. Where his earlier book The Old Ways explored landscape and its effects on human experience, Underland dives into catacombs, caves, nuclear waste facilities, and the land beneath Greenland's shrinking ice cap to delve into the darker recesses of our imaginations, a place where artists, adventurers, and criminals have traveled, willingly and otherwise.

Great websites for finding YA books:


Figment: Love to write? Figment is "where writers write" Book blogs, reviews, more

Stacked: Book reviews for Teen readers

YA Books Central: Use the advanced search to find YA books