Guidance Counselors

Josie D'Elia

978-345-3240, Ext. 168

John Gentile

978-345-3240, Ext. 170

Christine LaPorte

978-345-3240. Ext.167

Steven Lowney

978-345-3240, Ext. 169

Michelle Houle


School Counselors Assignments

  • Last name ending with "A" and Honors Academy - Mrs. Houle

  • Last name ending with "E" and "F" and Freshmen Academy/SWS - Mrs. D'Elia

  • Last name ending with " B - D" and ELLs - Mrs. LaPorte

  • Last name ending with "G - L" and "S - Z" - Mr. Gentile

  • Last name ending with "M - R" - Mr. Lowney

2017-2018 Program of Studies

2017-2018 FHS Program of Studies.pdf

College & High School Assessments Links

ACT (American College Testing)





Crisis Information: Materials and phone numbers for parents and students

Mobile Crisis Unit: 800-977-5555 (Will conduct assessments to determine an individual's emotional state and whether the person requires medical or psychiatric interventions)